Mindy Sherwood was born in Redding, California and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2010, where she has made her home and is enjoying life to the fullest.
  Growing up, Mindy has always shown a knack for drawing and always enjoyed the company of pets, and ended up combining the two to be an avid animal artist from a young age. Even at age 6 she was showing her peers how to draw their favorite book and cartoon animal characters! The love she found in art and animals were the two passions that continued throughout her life and even to today.

Mindy graduated from Shasta College in Redding, CA with an Associates Degree with a Focus in Visual Arts. During her time in Northern California, she was able to volunteer for many animal-related organizations including Haven Humane Society, the local animal shelter. At Haven Humane, she joined a program which taught her clicker training and opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for work and interest in the animal field.

At the age of 21, Mindy moved out to Colorado and graduated from Pet Grooming school, and took a job as a professional pet groomer for a vet clinic for over a year before deciding to pursue Art full time. She began volunteering for Animal House Rescue in 2012, joining their K9 Coach program and becoming a certified K9 Coach, where she uses positive reinforcement clicker training to train dogs at the rescue to help with better adoptability. She has continued to support Animal House Rescue as much as possible by fostering dogs and offering her artistic services to create event and group logos as well as occasional fun portraits of the adoptable dogs. Many of the photos and art displayed in the Sherwood Pet Portrait galleries are of Animal House dogs and sometimes even Mindy's own foster dogs.

Mindy enjoys doing freelance art for pet portraits as well as cartoon animal art, occasionally attending shows and conventions to sell her art to online fans. She has done art for multiple online games, and has also done art on commission for various other websites and companies. In 2014 she opened her pet care business "Sherwood Pet Services" and began contract work with Poochy Doos as a pet sitter/dog walker/loose leash trainer. Though she may hold many jobs, she enjoys being busy and being a part of both the art world and the dog world.

Alongside art and dog training, Mindy enjoys many other hobbies and passions! She is not happy unless she has her hands full with a new project or craft to learn. After buying a house in 2012, she has found enjoyment in gardening, chicken- and bee-keeping, and dreaming about self-sustainability and hobby farms. She also spends her days hiking, knitting, spinning fibers, and competing in Agility with her dog Django.

Mindy lives with her boyfriend, Charlie, and their three beloved dogs; Chloe the Dachshund, Django the SuperMutt, and Korra the Silken Windhound.  They also share their home with cats Sashimi and Panko, Angora rabbits Snickers and Toast, a flock of chickens, and a hive of bees, along with the occasional foster dog.

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Mindy & Django after winning Django’s MX Agility title, February 2018

Mindy & Django after winning Django’s MX Agility title, February 2018